1. I’m new to the area, how can I join a team?

A. You can forward your playing history & contact info to MSA and we will forward your information to the team managers to see if anyone is interested. This doesn’t seem to work that well as most teams don’t want to add a player they’ve never met or seen play. Most people end up meeting other MSA members playing in leagues at Keva, 608elite or Break Away here in Madison and then find their way onto a team.

2. How much is it to put a team to the league?

A. Team Registration is $650. In addition to registration, teams are also responsible to pay the refs $90 at each game.

Break Down:

First half of the season (Fall Season)

  • For existing teams per season

    1. $650 for team registration

    2. $90/per game for the refs

    3. Currently 8 game schedule = $720

    4. Total = $1,370

Second half of the season (Spring Season)

  • For existing teams per season

    1. $650 for team registration

    2. $90/per game for the refs

    3. Currently 8 game schedule = $720

    4. Total = $1,370

New teams

  • There is an additional refundable $180 deposit

  • This is used to pay refs/fine in the event your team forfeits a game.

  • If used it must be replaced before another game is played

  • See By-Laws for more details


3. What is the $180 deposit new teams have to pay for?

A. All teams have paid this deposit. This is in case your team forfeits a game. Per the By-Laws any team that forfeits a game is required to pay the total ref fee for the game. $180. If MSA needs to pay the refs for a forfeit with this deposit  it must be replenished before your team can play another game. If you never forfeit a game and you end up leaving the league this is 100% refundable.


4. What does the team Registration fee cover?

A. The MSA season consist of 2 halves, fall season (ideally 8 games) and spring season (ideally 8 games). The registration fee covers one half of the season. The first registration fee paid during a season also includes registration fees for you first 22 players on your roster. After 22 players have been on the team roster it’s $5 per new player added to the roster.


5. How do I pay for my team?

A. Team registration must be paid in full to MSA. Teams typically pay by check (made out to Madison Soccer Association) or cash. We’ve recently started using Venmo but only for the full payment. We don’t take each individual players payments for the teams.


6. what is some general info about the League?


  • MSA is an 11 v 11 men’s soccer league

  • Fall season typically runs between August - late Oct/early Nov

  • Spring season typically runs between mid/late March - mid/late June

  • Games are typically played on Friday nights or Sundays. From time to time we need to play on a Saturday.

  • You can have a max of 22 players on your active roster.


7. How do guest players work?

A. Division 1 teams are allowed to have guest players from Division 2 team play.

  • Only 3 guest players can be used for a game.

  • Guest players can't play in a Division 1 game if the games are at the same time.

  • Guest players must play half of all games played with their Division 2 team. Example: Guest player plays a total of 13 games: 7 must be with the Division 2 team he's registered on.


8. What is the reschedule policy?

A. Reschedule Policy for League Games: Team (A) that is requesting to reschedule must contact team (B)’s manager to ask to see if they are willing to attempt to reschedule the game. If Team (B) agrees Team (A) must contact the President (Carl Refsell or Boomer Braun) via email with both managers included on the email.

  • Once this request is made the originally scheduled date is no longer available.

  • Five days notice to reschedule must be given for all games

  • 2 make-up dates & only 2 dates will be offered to choose from. These dates could be any day of the week and not necessarily on a Friday or Sunday. These dates will be given within (5) days of the reschedule request from the President. There will be a (5) day deadline to reply with which date will work. No reply will be the equivalent of a reply that you don’t want to make up the game.

  • If none of the dates offered will work team (A) will be required to forfeit the game & pay any officials that were scheduled for the original date or a fine of the equal amount

  • Any make-up game must be made up (on the schedule) before rescheduling another game

  • Once the game is rescheduled it is considered a regularly scheduled game that both teams can make.

  • Rescheduled games are final and can’t be changed again. Any team that can’t make the rescheduled time shall forfeit the game. Regardless of which team requested the original change.


9. What is the reschedule policy for Playoff games?

A. Playoff games will not be rescheduled after the 2nd week of the Spring season. A number of people make plans based on the schedule when it’s released at the start of the Spring season. To request a change please send an email to all of the managers in your Division, the President (Boomer), Vice President (Carl), Games Commissioner (Carlos), & Referee Commissioner (Raj) to have all teams on the same page. 


10. If my team has a player get a red card how do I get the players pass back

A. The games commissioner will make arrangements to get the pass back to you

11. Can you join the league if you missed the fall season?

A. Yes, but to make the playoffs you would have to earn enough points in half the amount of games. Your team would start the Spring portion of the season at zero points.